Couple Counseling

véronique prades - thérapie de couple - lausanne - pully

Your relationship is no longer satisfying

véronique prades - thérapie de couple - lausanne - pully

You feel lost in front of your problems

véronique prades - coaching personnel - lausanne - pully

You need professional guidance to find a solution

Come and see a professional, alone or together with your partner

Frequent Topics

  • Communication is no longer possible and generally ends up in arguments or violent conflicts
  • You feel that you are making big efforts to make things possible and this doesn’t help
  • Being together doesn’t make you happy anymore
  • A third person entered your relationship and the trust is broken
  • You’re a reconstituted couple and you find it difficult to cope with the history and the family of your new partner
  • Your sexual life doesn’t give you satisfaction
  • You are thinking of breaking up


  • A session lasts about one hour and can be held in French, English, German and Italian.
  • The number such as the interval between two sessions would vary according to the presented situation. In any case, anybody with any situation related to couple problems will be welcomed.
  • Counselling is confidential and non-judgemental.

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