I’m originally from France, and have been living in Switzerland for the last fifteen years.

I began my professional life as a marketing assistant in different International companies. Through this experience, I acquired a good knowledge of the work in big companies. This knowledge gives me the possibility to understand quite well the professional reality and needs of my coachees.

On the private side, like many people, I also faced difficulties and pain related to human relationships.

Thus, I :

  • faced separation and divorce,
  • lived as a single parent with three young children in a foreign country,
  • experienced family recomposition with my current partner.

These difficulties, instead of having discouraged me, brought me to the decision of making a move in my career so that I can help people with their own life path.

Working today as a couple counselor and a personal coach is therefore the result of my personal history.

Trained in couple and family therapy (CEFOC Geneva, 2008-2011) as well as in personal coaching (Université de Paris VIII, 2004-2006) and specialized in brief therapy (CERFASY Neuchâtel, 2011-2013), I offer people a therapeutic guidance in each step of their lives.

Couple counseling deals with couple relationship and focuses on the emotional part of the relationship.

The couple relationship is unique and privileged, but it sometimes ends up in great relation difficulties, up to the point of causing great pain and distress.

Couple therapy offers space for people so that they can speak about their pain and work on a possible solution alone or with their partner.

Whatever the problem is, brief therapy will focus on the different solutions people have most of the time already found on their own, without having necessarily noticed it, to live with their difficulties.
A significant part of my work as a therapist consists then in asking the right questions at the right moment, supporting and encouraging people in their process of finding solutions and making them usable for their problems.

Contrary to therapy, coaching doesn’t focus on psychological pain but identifies a mental block in any area of life :

  • Couple life,
  • Family life,
  • Social life,
  • Personal life,
  • Professional life.

A coach helps people to focus on their difficulties and define possible objectives to live a better life.
Thanks to this focus, people will regain confidence in their ability to find their own solutions to solve their problems.

I am also engaged in a personal and professional development process through continuous training and supervision.

I am an active member of the ACTC (The Association for Couple Counselors and Therapists in Switzerland. (www.actc-couple.ch).

Appointments can be made five days a week at :

Centre du Couple et de la Famille
Quartier du Temple 2
1009 Pully
079 415 16 09

Educational Background